Brokedown Podcast

021 - Featuring Phil Cook

Episode Summary

Osiris goes to Delfest, Phil Cook comes on the show to talk about his new record, and we listen to some good old Grateful Dead.

Episode Notes

Hey there, Dead Freaks! This go-round I fill you in on how things went down when Osiris went to Delfest and have a great conversation with Phil Cook. Then, of course, we get into some Grateful Dead.

Phil shares details on his new album, People Are My Drug, and his band, The Guitarheels. We also talk about his work with Hiss Golden Messenger and covering the Grateful Dead. We’ve included a great new track, “Steam Powered Blues”, from the new record. You can order the record (in whatever format suits you) from Phil's website:

As for the Grateful Dead music in this episode, the show was released as Dave's Pick's 20 but, we're listening to a fine Jim Wise audience recording. As always, details are in the shownotes: