Brokedown Podcast

Acoustic Beauty

Episode Summary

We look back at a special night of acoustic & electric Grateful Dead.

Episode Notes

Greetings, Dead Freaks!

In this, our 53rd episode, I've decided to bring you a unique and wonderful slice of Grateful Dead. We're looking back to 1970, An Evening with The Grateful Dead wherein they bring out acoustic guitars and special guests to make some beautiful music. It's not all mellow vibes, though. The second set gets very electric and we've included some potent jams to wrap this whole thing up.

This episode was partially inspired by the impending Autumn cool down and more than slightly inspired by the recent Dead To Me podcast episode on American Beauty. This show was performed just after completion of the American Beauty recording sessions and you can hear it in the playing.

Speaking of the Dead To Me podcast, they are going through each Grateful Dead studio album over the course of their current season, including a 'setbreak' episode featuring your host as a guest to discuss some critical Side Project albums. You can hear that and their entire season on their website: or in your favorite podcast app.

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